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What is your Goal?

Hello, It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog that doesn’t include Drake. (My bad…)

SO! As I was lay in the bath after a hard game of football at PowerLeague (We lost against these shit shit players, so annoyed but that’s for another day)..I was actually thinking what is my goal in life? What in the world am I doing everything that I’m doing now for? Is my goal even reachable? So many questions started to flood my brain.

Everyone obviously has different goals. Some to be rich, some to be the centre of attention, some to be Twitter and Tumblr famous (yeah, THAT narrow minded). But if that’s your goal then cool I can’t knock you but if that’s really what some people want in life then so be it.

*Sips Lucozade*

But what I was thinking when I was thinking about goals is A LOT of people aim to have goals involving money. Being rich and famous seems the generic goal for most teens now a days. I can’t lie I even thought that this was my goal for a while, course everyone wants to be rich, money is amazing! BUT, as they say money doesn’t bring you happiness and I really honestly believe that. For example if you looked at The Sun yesterday and you saw the Balotelli story with Chloe Evans, they we’re supposedly dating for 2 years or whatever and yet she still sold a story about their relationship and made money off it JUST because he was rich and famous. Imagine being close with someone for that long and they sold intimate details of your relationship to the whole of the world for a bit of money? It’s sad. So so sad that people don’t value privacy and as soon as money is involved BANG! All morals out the window, but I guess that is the society that is around us at the minute. So after thinking about that I eliminated being rich and famous as a goal of mine.

So as I was sat there (Still in the bath btw, fingers were so wrinkly by this time) I actually asked my self “So what the fuck is my goal in life”. Now I know I wasn’t supposed to mention Drake but “Look What You’ve Done” came on my iTunes playlist, as I sat there and listened it made sense (I made a blog about how much this song affects me scroll through the pages you’ll find it, it makes more sense. For those who can’t be arsed basically it’s about struggles with his mother and how I relate with it. *deep breath out*)…I knew instantly then what my goal right now was and it’s so clear, forget about money, Fame, Twitter famous, Tumblr famous. I honestly think RIGHT now in life the only goal I have is to make my mother proud with everything I do. My mum is a single parent and she has provided SO much for me I can’t even explain. To give back even a minuscule of what she has provided me would mean the world I can’t even stress. It sounds sad but it’s true. Obviously later on in life my goal is to have a family and live comfortably but for the minute I’ve found my goal and I guess I’ve got to try and get it…hard as it may be it’ll definitely be worth the smile on my mums face if I achieve it.

So now the question you have to ask your self is WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?

Dali x





Wouldn’t go a miss right now. I just want a p*ssy to play with! *Plays FIFA to take my mind off it*




—Meek Mill.