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Drake. M.E.N Arena. 1st April ‘12

It’s been a while since I blogged ANYTHING on here but I needed to blog this’s Drake, I’m a massive Drake fan, I had a good time, why not? *Deep breath out*

Okay so the day arrived, I woke up hella hazey from smoking a vast amount of weed the night before. To be honest the time was about…14:00 and I really couldn’t be arsed going but I said to my self “IT’S DRIZZY NIGGA!?”. That instantly gave me a bit of a buzz as I listened to Take Care through my earphones reciting the words as my friends watched Newcastle take Liverpool apart (Wheeey!). Time came and we made our way there, had a zoot before heading to the arena…Now anyone that knows me knows it doesn’t take a lot for me to get high, this weed was hella strong though and got to me straight away but it was a different high to normal, my adrenaline shot up! Bouncing off the walls making our way to the Arena I could see what started off as 10 people, then 20, then 100, then 200, then more! The excitement was building and I honestly just couldn’t wait to hear the old school Drake mixed with the New school, the Strip club bangers like Round of Applause the more meaningful joints like Crew Love. I honestly couldn’t wait.

Now I had a seated ticket that was WAY up in the clouds and I was just not going to sit there so I sorted a standing but then one of my mates had a hook up and had seated tickets 115. Best seats in the Arena. Front row right next to the stage. A stones throw from the man him self. That alone had me excited.

We got in our seats and the energy already was un-real. Everyone cheering, dancing to the songs the DJ played (Mind you he played some baaangers! Bashment to Grime, fully rated his set). Still being high I was buzzing..then it went a bit shit. Rita Ora came on…I love Rita Ora I would love her to sit on my face BUT I just wasn’t arsed by anything she was doing and she killed my high, so dissapointed. Lights came back up and the wait was growing shorter, he was coming out soon!

I need to break off from the story a bit to mention the girls that attended Drake. I have NEVER EVER seen SO many beautiful girls in one place, wow. Drake, I thank you for that. These two girls in front of us oooooohhh weee! I can’t stress how much I wanted to show them the Jetski Wave…anyway back to the story.

Lights down, show time.

The crowd screams at the top of their lungs 20,000 people excited as ever to see one guy, can’t imagine little old me coming out to 20,000 expecting to see you at your best. Pressure. He came out to Lord Knows, the rush of adrenaline I got was beyond explainable and there he was stood there admiring the Arena HE sold out alone. The Arena 3 years previous that was his first time in the UK supporting Jay-Z I bought a ticket that night JUST for Drake. I’m sure it was a special moment for him and to be there knowing 3 years ago I watched him as a support act was mad. 

"F*ck all the Jiggy rapping, I’m going trigger happy just to see my niggers happy."

The whole concert from then on was like a HUGE party, it was immense (Also I got a shout out, 2 shout outs from Drake is my claim to fame, YOLO)DRAKE and it was inspirational in a way. I’ve said in previous posts Drake to ME is like what Hip-Hop heads love for Tupac (I’m not saying Drakes better, that’s stupid.). Seen this guy since ‘06 - ‘07 feature on small projects, put out amazing mixtapes, shut down the internet, get signed, cause a buzz, tour in the UK, release his album and cement his place as one of the best today. It’s mad I’ve been listening to this guy for 5-6 years and he’s only on his 2nd album and he’s only getting better.

Drake, hats off to you. The hustle payed off. 

Take Care x

Dali - @DK93x